What is Mushroom Beta Glucan?

Mushroom Beta Glucan is a polysaccharide compound (complex sugar) extracted from the medicinal mushroom's cell wall. It is also considered as D-Glucan and its structure is a carbohydrate polymer with chains of glucose molecules linked together by beta-glycosidic linkages. It is one of the main components of the cell wall in most medicinal mushrooms. These polymers have a diverse structural variability including molecular weight, linkage patterns, and a degree of branching, triple helical conformation and water solubility. In terms of immune modulating activity, medicinal mushroom polysaccharides have been claimed to be more effective , than other sources of beta glucans, due to the beta glucan units with certain degrees of branching (1-3D,1-6 vs. 1-3D, 1-4).

Is your Beta Glucan extracted by the use of hot water or ethanol?

No, old fashion extraction procedures utilizing hot water and/or ethanol will potentially destroy the immuno-modulatory peptides attached to the polysaccharide structure, thus diminishing the effectiveness of the beta glucan. Therefore, in order to preserve the natural efficacy of the mushroom extracts, our manufacturing team uses the supersonic wavelenght (patented) to extract the natural essences within the mushroom mycelia and fruit-bodies.

Do you purchase mushrooms from a third party company?

No, we do not purchase any mushrooms from third party vendors. In addition, all mushrooms used for manufacturing our powerful ingredients are grown here in the U.S. using our own incubation technology to prevent potential pollutants such as heavy metals, bacteria, and carcinogens from infiltrating our mushroom colonies and subsequently adulterating the final product.

Is Your Product Vegetarian Based?

Yes, not only is our product naturally cultured, it is also extracted using an enviromentally friendly procedure with absolutely no animal by-products in order to keep up with the "Green" trend.

Will Mushroom Beta Glucan Cause my Immune System to be Over-Reactive?

No, instead many research data has shown quite the opposite. For instance, based on studies done by Wichers .(2009) and Savelkoul et al.(2005), beta glucan shows promising results in modulating the immune response, which causes the immune system to regulate its overall performance rather than boosting it infinitely.

I am Hypersensitive to Mushrooms, can I take your Product?

No, we do not recommend it. Please consult your health care provider for more information.